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The proof is in the pudding so they say. That's why we've compiled some of our work for you to review. Listening to samples of our work will not only give you a range of the companies we serve, but may also give you and idea of how we can showcase your business.

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Schering Plough When pharmaceutical industry leader Schering Plough needed to broadcast a consistent message to their 30 locations throughout the US, they called us. We worked closely with their marketing and compliance department to create and convey something informative and warm. And we are honored to assist Schering Plough with this part of their  outstanding marketing program. MP3 [ 200 Kb]
Ruths' Chris Steakhouse Yep... it's all about the sizzle -  and of course... the music!  The folks at Ruths' wanted to take a little bit of New Orleans to every steakhouse location. Having been there several times ourselves... yes... both Nawlin's and Ruths', this one came easy.  Anyone else gettin' hungry? MP3 [ 486 Kb]
Allstate New Jersey Offering a  variety of residential and commercial insurance products, Allstate was looking  to educate their clients with these very brief 30 second vignettes. Each had to have the ability to stand on their own... but still have that "family of products" feel.  We think that they "were in good hands" with us! MP3 [ 346 Kb]
Monmouth Cardiology Associates As one of the premiere cardiology centers in the northeast - with four office locations, MCS was searching for a solution that would provide consistent education to their clients, regardless of which location they were calling. The trick? To get this done at the same time their brand new phone system was being installed... at each location. Just as planned - it all went smoothe! MP3 [ 691 Kb]
PEI Genesis As one of the largest distributors of electronic connectors and components, PEI was looking to created a message that "connected" with their audience - at all 20 office locations throughout the US, Canada and Europe. PEI also chose our Digital Announcer hardware that enabled each office torespond and update their message as often as they needed. We're pleased that they are pleased! MP3 [ 309 Kb]
PEI Genesis - German Have offices abroad? PEI does... and we were glad to help. With an office in Germany, PEI Genesis asked us to create the same dynamic script and production in German. Viola... here it is. They are opening in France this year and will absolutely deliver on this as well. MP3 [ 342 Kb]
Legion Capital Funding Having the ability to grow your company  beyond your expectations is something every business person welcomes.  Knowing where the right resources are to help you achieve those goals is paramount.  Offering their clients solid financial advice and leverage, Legion Capital Funding reached out to us to create a dynamic campaign that would reflect their confident and personalized creative abilities. MP3 [ 782 Kb]
American United Mortgage As one of the leading mortgage lenders in the country, American United was looking for something warm, educational and uplifting.  We ran with this approach and combined it with their Executive VP's love of jazz and blues, and delivered this just days later. Based on the very positive feedback they received from clients and marketing partners, this theme was quickly adopted and used to bolster  their image in other ad and marketing  campaigns.  MP3 [ 986 Kb]


“When the Matheny Medical and Educational Center needed a new on-hold message for our phone system, we were referred to Advertising On Hold. AOH not only created a professional message for us, but they worked with us to produce the right message, tailored to our specific needs and informing callers of all the services that we offer.”
Sanford Josephson
Matheny Medical and Educational Center
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