Why Us

90% of callers hang up within 40 seconds when met with silence while on hold. 34% of those do not call back.
– North American Telecom Study

The Words & Music philosophy was built on the premise that “we can best meet our clients’ goals if we’ve been there ourselves.” Co-founders Grant and Lang have “sat on both sides of the desk.” In other words, they’ve both been in career positions that have carried the responsibility of hiring the creative services they now offer . . . and they’ve taken these services to the next level.

Words & Music’s goal is to produce an effective Advertising On Hold campaign for your business that truly delivers results. And we’re talking about a turnaround time that will have your production written, recorded and up and running as quickly as you need.

How does Advertising On Hold benefit your company?

  • Replaces dead air, which often makes customers wonder if they are still connected!
  • Turns negative on-hold time into a top quality sales opportunity.
  • Provides product knowledge and service information to a qualified audience!
  • Educates customer about services and/or products they may not be aware of!
  • Reflects a professional customer service image to potential and existing clients!
  • Increases sales of products and services urging callers to ask for further information!

What does Advertising On Hold offer you?

  • We write your script!
  • We record your advertising message!
  • We deliver your AOH production!
  • We install your Digital Announcer!
  • You sit back and relax!
  • And don’t worry, Words & Music will also send you automatic reminders when it is time to update your script!